Be 10 times better…

Software engineers use tenXer to analyze, set goals, and gain insights on their productivity.

tenXers get more done because they…

  • Measure Productivity

    tenXers measure their productivity. Why? Because what gets measured, gets done.

  • Evaluate Their Contributions

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  • Set Goals

    They set goals against key metrics and track their performance against them.

  • Continuously Improve

    tenXer helps users discover trends about their work and insights on how to get better

  • Check out the Features

    Track on the Go

    We won't save this or ever send you anything again.

    Getting more from your data

    We convert data from services you use into meaningful, actionable insights.

    Pivotal Tracker

    Speed up development sprints with better task management.

  • Github

    Set goals to align with best practices for software development.

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  • Phabricator

    Track metrics to improve code review and number of tasks resolved.

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    How tenXer is helping people